FLIGHTS | of the dead see

FLIGHTS | of The Dead Sea from Stephen Vidano on Vimeo.


This January I had the privilege of traveling to Israel with Rick Larson, whom I filmed the The Star of Bethlehem with ( He’s been up to “no good” again and asked me to direct a new project with him involving geophysical mysteries this time. (I can’t keep up with that guy.) Rick and a team of us were on the ground filming for 4 days.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and Jerusalem was completely socked-in. Just over the horizon I could hear the helicopter blades. I must admit I was a little hesitant. The day before we had filmed at the Dead Sea and today we planned on filming aerial footage of the coast and flood zones.

It goes with out saying; helicopters aren’t cheap. And I did not want this to be a wasted trip that produced flat, dark, cloudy landscapes.

As we took off and flew over Jerusalem the wind cut through the door-less Robinson R44 Raven helicopter. What emerged 15 minutes later was nothing short of breathtaking. Shafts of light rained down upon a desert wonderland. Dramatic. Dark aqua water. White salt encrusted coast lines. Deep flood eroded chasms.

Our expedition to the Dead Sea was unforgettable.

Shot on a Canon 7D at 60fps from a gyro-mount tripod.

DIRECTOR • DP | Stephen Vidano
MUSIC SCORE | Luke Atencio – Tune Society

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